Dr. Michael A. Bonilla - Biblical Archaeologist & Author
In Memoriam
Ronald Eldon Wyatt
Ron  E. Wyatt was the greatest archaeologist on this side of glory that ever lived!  In  
my 28 years of walking with the Lord,   I  have met countless of pastors, evangelists,
teachers,  apostles  and  prophets  within  the body of Christ and no one has impacted
my  life,  they way Ron did.   Ever since  I  heard of Ron and his discoveries,  my  life
has never been the same. It has been a life changing experience.  I thank God,  that  by
His  divine  appointment,  I  was able  to meet and fellowship with this great "man of
God" at  his home in Spring Hill, Tennessee on June 6 of 1999.  In October of 2001,
I flew  again to Tennessee and visited
Mary Nell Wyatt (Ron's wife).  We had a great
time of fellowship also with
Richard Rives and his precious family.

What qualified Ron Wyatt as a great "servant of God" and a great "man of God", was
the  incredible  deposit  of God  on  his life.  I  understand  that  we  are  all imperfect
vessels, but one thing is clear,  Ron knew how to shoulder and cultivate the presence
of God in his life. Ron was a man's man! I never knew anyone that truly had a burden
for souls like Ron did and that only comes from a true and genuine relationship with
Jesus,  the Son of  the Living God.  What an incredible legacy,  Ron  E. Wyatt  leaves
behind. Thank you Ron, for your faithfulness as unto God, and as a powerful witness
for our Lord Jesus to this lost and dying generation.  I'll always remember you in my
heart,  as  I fiercely pursue the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and with the
Holy Spirit's  guidance,  to  be  part of the continuation of the work you started. May
the  Lord  receive all the honor and glory,  because only He,  is worthy.  Amen!

In closing,  the following: are all the incredible & awesome discoveries that Ron has
located, identified and documented: The remains of Noah's Ark, Noah's house, Noah
and Mrs. Noah's grave markers and  grave  sites,  drogue  style  anchorstones,   many
artifacts  including  petrified  wood,  all these located in east Turkey;  The Tower of
Babel in central Turkey;  The
Red  Sea Crossing  Site,  Mount  Sinai,  Mount  Horeb,
chariot  (4, 6 & 8 )  spoke  wheels,  chariot  cabs,  fossilized  human  remains,  these  
were located between Egypt and Saudi Arabia;  The  Grain Pits Silos built by Joseph
(Imhotep, from the 3rd Dynasty)  as mentioned in the Old Testament;  The  Cities  of
the Plain:  the remains of the ashen cities of  Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, Zeboim  &
Zoar (Bela) including specimens of brimstone (sulphur) and other burnt artifacts, all
these sites were located west of the Dead Sea in Israel; How the pyramids were built
and  the  hieroglyph  that  represents and describes the man-made contraption used in
Egypt;  The  revelation of who King Tut was and who his father was,  and how King
Tut  really  died?  He  was  the  first  born  son  of  Pharaoh,  the  one that died while
pursuing Moses into the
Red Sea;  The actual location of the Crucifixion Site Scene
of  Jesus,  The  Ark  of  the  Covenant  including  at  least  4 books of the 5 books of
Moses,  yes,  the  original  ones,  the  actual  Ten  Commandments  that  were written
by God's finger and also the precious
Blood of Jesus, which was found on top of the
mercy seat of the Ark of the Covenant when it was discovered on January 6, 1982  at

Did  an  amateur  archaeologist really find all this on his own or was the mighty hand
of the Lord personally involved? Was it by accident or by His divine intervention?

The Answer is simple: God's Mighty hand through His divine intervention!
Mr. Ronald E. Wyatt and Dr. Michael Arkman Bonilla
(photo taken on June 6th of 1999 by Mary Nell Wyatt)
(Both Called, Chosen and Anointed)
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