Please help Samantha fulfill her heart's desire by helping her help other
kids and teenagers that are struggling with their weight by buying her book
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If you want to lose extra pounds or be at a healthy weight, this is the book for you. It
will help you lose weight and change your eating habits to keep it off.  This  is  not a
quick fix, but a lifestyle. It will take months at the least.  It  will take hard work-that's
why this is the right way to lose weight.  Let  this  book  be  your  guide  to  get  that
healthy life you've always wanted. Good Luck! Samantha Lee Bonilla struggled with
weight herself. It's no fun and it's not a good feeling.  Her weight loss took about 10
to  12  months.  She lost weight  at  14,  and  wrote  this  book  at  15.  Even  though
Samantha does not need to lose any more weight,  she still follows every single rule
in this book to maintain a healthy weight.  This  book is the healthy way to go!  Sam
struggled with being overweight all her life. So if you are a teenager struggling with
your current weight, this book is for you!

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Paperback: 78 pages; Publisher: Llumina Press; Language: English;
ISBN-10: 1605946060, ISBN-13: 978-1605946061; Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5 x 0.2 in.
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