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Friday, March 14, 2008

Michael, God is going to give you strategies. He wants you to know that all the labor that
you’ve labored in the archaeology and the ark is not in vain. You’ve been mocked, scoffed
and ridiculed, but you have heard the word of the Lord to pursue that which pertains to
Noah’s Ark and also the Ark of the Covenant. And the Lord said, yes you’ve had anointing
and mantles that have come upon you from those that have done past work, but God said
I’m giving you a new anointing today.

I’m going to link you and align you with new people. And I believe you are going to teach
and you are going to admonish and you’re gonna…especially with the young people… I see
videos and I see DVDs. I see like a reality show. You’re going to take some of  this…
wherever you go, you’re gonna have a film crew go with you.

I see someone is going to come in and say, I want to finance your ministry. I wanna help
you out. I believe what you are doing is right. And he wants you to know that He’s called
you to be a … you went to Turkey and you believe that Noah’s Ark is there right? And He
said, you can pray and you can pull down those yokes of the enemy. When your ways please
the Lord, your enemies will be at peace. I believe God will give you favor with those that
have held back people coming in to Turkey to pursue the situation that’s there with the
Ark. He said He’ll give you favor. I believe that God said My son, pray and I’ll give you a
favor with that person that has to do with a political realm in that country. And even in that
country, why can’t they pay for the archaeology digs that you want done. All you’ve got to
do is believe and God said just speak to that mountain and He said if you speak to that
mountain it shall be cast into the sea… there’s been a mountain that’s hindered that
ministry, that hindered that work there, and God said that you’re the one that’s gonna
speak to it. I’ve given you power. You have faith in the Word, speak to that mountain
there now.

I want you to speak Michael. Say right now, mountain that has held back the work of God
in Turkey, be gone. Go! And be cast into the sea right now. Say it now. Say it now. Say “go
right now”… be cast into the sea… You said if I ask, If I believe I shall have it…I thank
you Father, right now! I will be the man… that will let the world know…that an ark…
that’s thousands of years old…has been found… and it’s a piece of evidence to show that
the Word of God is real… And devil get your hands off it... Get your hands off my work!

And Father, I release right now the finances. I release the people he needs. God said He’s
going to give you credibility. I’m going to give you credibility. And that which has been a
reproach to others who have done a past work will not be a reproach on you. Don’t even
think of them. Don’t even look back. Leave them in the past. You’re the man that has the
mantle. You’re the man that has the calling to do these things.

I’m going to bless you so change your mindset my friend because you’re the man I’ve
called to see the things come to fruition. For if God be for you, who can be against you. A
new mantle of my glory come on you to do that what I have called you to do. Credibility is
coming to your life and into your ministry. Hallelujah.
Dr. Michael A. Bonilla - Biblical Archaeologist & Author