Prophetess Ty Boye

Prophetic Word to Michael A. Bonilla on March 21, 2012

Dear Michael, this regards a ministry project that is in your spirit;
spare no expense, I hear. The Lord freely gave Himself to you; do
not fear to pour yourself into this and know these obstacles cannot
keep the work from moving forward, for I see a meeting and some
are seeking a spiritual confirmation, and you are waiting on this as
well, and you do not want to be accused of being overly “practical”
or “worldly”, yet you know the Lord has given you both the means
and the “go-ahead” for this project. If it cannot be done under the
auspices of this body because of the political tangle, the Lord has
released you to take it elsewhere. For there are a number of places
you already know, and He is not partisan and you will demonstrate
that His church does not have boundaries and you are not bound
by the restrictions of this organization when it comes to doing that
thing you know the Lord has put on your heart.

You will respect this home organization, and you will wait for their
reply. But have the confidence to know even in advance of their
decision that the Lord is not loath to see you work with others
outside this body, in the years ahead. For this is an outreach effort,
and it will ultimately take outreach to organize it, this is a good
thing, as the Lord would have His people dwell in unity of the Spirit
in the bond of peace. You personally will derive a new zest for living
as this is implemented.  The Lord has given you the means to
administer this, as well as to provide even a measure of pastoral
oversight, although you will share this with others.

You have received the vision for this from the Lord, but realize
that listening to the ideas of others and making adaptations and
acknowledging the input of others, as the Holy Spirit is leading
them as well, is not a compromise of your vision. Be flexible to His
leading, as the full plan begins to take shape, and know the Lord's
hand is on this project. This ministry will come against the spirit
of Antichrist and idolatry of all kinds in the land. It will raise
awareness and the Holy Spirit will use it as He begins to rouse
His people into action I hear that will save lives. You have heard
correctly, I hear. Praise HIM, so be it, amen.
Dr. Michael A. Bonilla - Biblical Archaeologist & Author