Prophetess Susan Slusher

Prophetic Word to Michael A. Bonilla on March 2, 2007

Son,  I have made you as one that can relate to people at all
different levels and you are,  you are a warrior,  you are my
forerunner, you are the one that can take the time apart with me
and has the understanding of kingdom purposes and has the
audacity”, that some people would say, to actually take that step
and do things that seem very unconventional and even know that
that’s the way I made you and that’s really acceptable to me and
that’s all that matters and you’ve been faithful to do, take the steps
that I’ve asked you and there’s more steps to come. And there’s a
clinic that you’ll have an affiliation with and there’s a,  I  see  a
business, I see some sort of business that you are going to do with
the clinic, and it’s going to be something that is going to finance
the Kingdom, Kingdom purposes and is a venture that is not just
you, but there’s other people involved and you are going to see, see
revenues out of it and as you do these unconventional steps and
people are going to say you are an unlikely source to do that, and
you’re really not an unlikely source to do that because you will do
whatever I say, and, and the LORD says that’s very pleasing to me.
And know that as you take that step that, that faith grows. And you
are even one that is like one that plants,  and the one that waters
and the one that harvests, so you can go from place to place and
you might harvest where you’ve not planted,  but then you can turn
around and plant seed and prepare soil and do the watering and
watch the growth too and you can do all those things by My Spirit
the LORD says. And even know that healing is in your hands also,
and you’ve been wondering about signs and wonders and miracles
and you’re going to see them happen and you’re going to see them
at your hands.  By your step of faith,  you’re going to be able to
spark faith in others to receive those things and you’re going to see
them happen!
Dr. Michael A. Bonilla - Biblical Archaeologist & Author
Audacity: shameless boldness or daring, especially  with confidence
or arrogant disregard for personal safety, conventional thought, or
other restrictions.