Prophetess Ty Boye

Prophetic Word to Michael A. Bonilla on May 29, 2013

Dear Mike, I have prayed for you today, and here are some of the
impressions and words I received from the Lord.

First, I heard "Warrior". I saw a giant man with one foot on the
battlefield and the other foot in the green pastures of home. I see
you being tugged in both directions and I hear that this tugging will
continue a while longer, until you are led by the Lord to relax this
posture for a time and head back into the work shed. I see you enter
a work shed in the pasture. It is from this place of retreat that the
greatest work will be done.

There is an internal voyage He is taking you on-almost like
traveling through the body. I see an old film version of a journey
through the human body. It is a time of cleansing and purging you
are going through. You are taken on a tour of all the parts of you,
and  beginning to see them from a new perspective.  You are
learning more about how the soul and flesh  "tick"  and at the
same time becoming more deeply sensitized to the Holy Spirit and
his workings. There is another melting season ahead. You thought
you had gone as far as you could go in this inner healing thing, but
HE is taking you still farther.

When this season is over, I fear there will be a teaching position
overseas; a door will open. I see you working on tours. There will
be a proper means of organization as you are fastidious about this
and upright financial foundations for all of this. You will also serve
as an adviser in a larger ministry and help in their missions efforts
until your work becomes better known. You will produce short
educational films and these will be directed at  youth/young adults.
These will be produced in an original way and will be evangelistic
in nature.

I hear "But not a hair of your head shall be lost." Luke 21:18.
There are some family members afraid concerning your calling
to travel. Your physical safety will not be an issue. Do not fear
and go in peace.

As regards the Bible translation, I hear, "One book at a time."
I do not know what this means; maybe you do.

I hear "God's strange acts." Mark 2:12 "...so that all were
amazed and glorified God, saying, "We never saw anything like
this!" This is a unique ministry. There will be no way to measure
it against another, or by another. Simply follow Him as you are a
pioneer in challenging young minds to believe in the reality of the
living God.

Praise HIM, and please keep me updated as you are led. Sis Ty

Fastidious: fas·tid·i·ous                                                                     
1. Possessing or displaying careful, meticulous attention to detail.
2. Difficult to please; exacting; excessively scrupulous.                 
Dr. Michael A. Bonilla - Biblical Archaeologist & Author