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Sunday, July 20, 2003

And even that which I have given you is unique and original because you are a man that's
unique and original and you have a lot of creativity that has a lot of knowledge, that has a
lot of things that pertain of the ancients paths and the ancient realm. But, cannot God use
the things of old and cannot these things of old become things of new. Cannot that which
I've given you reach the young people?  Even reach those in universal cities.  Even reach
those in the church. It's hard... it's been a challenging time to seemingly get to first base,
but you are gonna hit a homerun. You are gonna accomplish that which I am going to give.
Cause' it's gonna be by the spirit.

I put you in the midst of a prophetic people because you are a prophetic man and that
which you're doing is only one of many things you are gonna do saith the Lord. You're a
man that is convicted. You are a man that does not give up. And God says don't give up,
don't give up, don't give up, don't give up, don't give up, don't give up,  don't give in,
don't give in, cause' the best is about to begin. ha ha.

You're a driven man. But God says my son, its okay to be driven but remember my son,
my sheep are not driven, they are led. So, be led by My spirit as I bring about this and even
more and I'm gonna bring things to  you  that's gonna be beyond what you can imagine
because your life shall touch many different countries...  even a different race than your
own, even a different culture than your own.  People will say,  why are you involved with
God's people (in a sense)? Aren't you from this background? You'll say look, I'm a child
of God, I'm a saint of God, my heritage, my nationality comes about by the blood of Jesus.

A new boldness, a new fire, even a prophetic voice shall spring forth and come forth out of
you. God's gonna bring in the finances and even that which you are doing is only for a
season. I see you teaching the word. I see one bringing about allegories and teaching and
decreeing things supernaturally. I see like a big chalkboard, like a stencil. I see like... you
in a room teaching.

Lord, I declare this thing is completed! That which he's doing in his life that has been
holding him back, that's been stopping him, I call it done now in Jesus name. And I bless
him. And I declare and decree upon him that your impartation to fulfill is coming to pass.
Dr. Michael A. Bonilla - Biblical Archaeologist & Author