Presentation Of The Discoveries To Your Group Or Church
Now, you can have the evidences of the greatest archaeological discoveries of all time
presented  to  your  group,  organization  or  church  in  English or Spanish  by Biblical  
Archaeologist & Author,  Dr. Michael Arkman Bonilla;  who has been presenting these
discoveries  throughout  the  Long Island area in New York for over 15 years.  Approx.
5 years ago,  the Lord Jesus personally touched his heart and since then,  his  life  has
never been the same. On Father's Day,  June 20th of 2010,  Michael  was honored  and  
received a prophetic word from the Lord by way of the late prophet  
Pedro Martinez Jr,
whereby the Lord christened him as  "Archaeological Pastor",  and was also confirmed
as having all gifts of the 5 Fold Ministry,  as mentioned in the book of  
Ephesians  4:11
by the grace & purpose of the Most High. Primarily,  Michael has been called, chosen,
anointed & mandated
 by the Lord to share all these discoveries throughout the world,
first to His church and then to this lost and dying world. This  was  the  order  that was
given to him, when he accepted God's call to the ministry which he has been entrusted.  

Michael  currently  delivers  his  World  Class  PowerPoint  presentations on the great
archaeological  discoveries  of  the  latter part of the 20th century,  and  as part of  his
presentations, he displays pictures and artifacts from the sites including actual ash and
brimstone (sulphur) from the ashen cities of Sodom & Gomorrah, and he also displays
several specimens of petrified wood from the remains of Noah's Ark site. He has been
interviewed  and  has been seen sharing the gospel through archaeology throughout the
Long  Island's  local  Christian  T.V.  Programs,  besides  his  occasional  teaching  on
Creation, Evolution and Dinosaurs!  He's also ministered as far as Brownsville,  Texas
at Iglesia Bautista  de  Caridad  on  June  11th  of  2013.  He  was  interviewed for his
first radio interview on April 28 of 2007 and was heard on the next day, through WLIX
FM  Radio  Station.  On  March  20 of 2010,  Michael pioneered the "
Conferencia de
Arqueología" in relation to all of Ron Wyatt's discoveries.  It  was  the 1st of its kind.
The conference was  presented  in Spanish and it contains many artifacts,  visual aids
and an awesome 275+ slides in PowerPoint!  He has also recently ministered again in
Texas (2015) and also in 3 x's in Mexico (2015), these presentations were in español.

Michael delivers with his own unique style, a combination of biblical knowledge with a
prophetic insight.  Prepare  yourself  for an  awesome and inspirational time of spiritual
revelation and knowledge!

A fee is never charged for his services.  When a meeting is requested outside the New
York area,  he simply asks that you pay any transportation costs,  a modest hotel room
and meals, and that a love offering be collected for the field work done and towards all
future explorations, and research that needs to be accomplished.

Discoveries presentations can be customized according to your organization,  group  or
church needs. Contact him by telephone or e-mail by clicking the link below.
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Dr. Michael A. Bonilla - Biblical Archaeologist & Author