Dr. Michael Arkman Bonilla - Biblical Archaeologist & Author
Project #5
Ark of The Covenant 1/6 scale model
with its custom-made Transport Box
The purpose of this project was to create a custom-made transportation/carrying case for my
Indiana Jones theme style and version of the Ark of the Covenant 1/6 scale model.  I also
have another Indiana Jones theme style of the Ark of the Covenant 1/4 scale model which is
much bigger and certainly heavier (see
Project #1). The smaller version of the Ark of the
Covenant would be much easier to carry around!

Well it started over a month ago, I gave my brother-in-law Nat the dimensions that I needed
for my 1/6 scale model of the ark. Nat, being a wood craftsman and handyman (something, I
simply am not...lol), designed a beautiful wooden box that opens from the front of the box
using approx. 10 lbs of force due to the magnetic buttons (2) inside the box which insures
that the lid remains close until using the 10 lbs. of force to open it.
Now, at the very beginning of this week, the Revelation Song by Kari Jobe has been flowing
in and out of me for days. I did not know exactly why this was happening... sensing God was
up  to  something,  I  decided to buy song online from the woman who actually wrote this
awesome and inspiring worship song...
Jennie Lee Riddle. During the week, I bought all the
materials that I would need to work on this carrying box. Whenever I would decide to start
the  project, I would hope to be able to transform it into a masterpiece, believing God for
the Spirit's anointing, which would empower me to complete this project for His Glory!

So on Friday morning of June 10th,  when I got home from work at 01:20am,  I felt an
anointing on me and I realize that my help (God's spirit) was available and would empower
me to start this project and ultimately finish it some time later on... but suddenly I realized
that before I started the project, I felt in the spirit I would need to play, listen and hear the
Revelation Song throughout working on the project (the song was set on repeat mode). This  
particular ark model is not holy or sacred but rather what it means... the representation and
the understanding of its purpose is a holy thing to God! So I began working on this project
at 01:45am on Friday morning of June 10th of 2011... and stopped at 08:00am. The next day,
Saturday June 11th, I began working again at 01:30am and finally finished the project at
04:30am. See below the finalized product and project!!!  
Project #5 Status: COMPLETED!
I painted the inside of the carrying case with metallic gold paint and I painted the outside   
of the box with Ebony stain and sealer and also painted the thin wooden strips with same
metallic gold paint and I glued a 5" by 7" photo display casing with one of my ministries
card. The inside of the box has a ½" black rubber base, with gold paper and gold sparkling
stick paper underneath the bottom of ark. I also have a photo of a graphic representing the
High Priest's Breastplate. In the rear of the box, I also have a nice graphic/photo of the 10
Commandments. Underneath the poles, I have to wooden gold boxes where I can place my
ministry cards inside. Above on top of the sides of the box, I have 2 battery powered lights
that can turn either red or neon white. Finally, I glued (3) photos pertaining to the Cross  
Site Scene of Jesus and the Ark of the Covenant (both English & Spanish) and also the
nicest and most awesome photo (representation) of Jesus resurrecting.  The last thing I
installed  was the metallic gun metal color
cross with (6) onyx stones (to be used as a door
knob). Also, the ark's dimensions are: poles: 15" long, ark is 6" high, by 7½" wide by 5"
deep and the custom box's dimensions are: 17½" long by 7¾" deep by 11½" high.

But wait... on Thursday June 16th, I decided to add and laminate on both (front & rear) of
the carrying box... the words Ark of the Covenant. I also touched up, both the ebony stain
and sealer paint color and the metallic gold paint color. It's not easy when you are using (2)
different kinds of paints on one box. Both paint different... it was a challenge! Below is the
final and finished product... this project has been completed!