Dr. Michael Arkman Bonilla - Biblical Archaeologist & Author
Project #1
Ark of the Covenant ¼" Scale Model
(Raiders Of The Lost Ark Theme)
and custom-made transport box
Last year, I decided to sell my custom 24K gold plated, Ark of the Covenant ¼" scale model to a
brother in Texas.  This ark is the closest to the real thing as per Ron Wyatt's eyewitness account.
Below, are (2) photos of this beautiful but fragile ark model and it's carrying/transporting box...
A few months later, I placed an order from Sideshow  Collectibles and had to wait for almost 6
months before my Raiders of the Lost Ark theme Ark of the Covenant replica/model arrived at
my house. There was at least a 6 months waiting period and even now, there is a waiting list that
was made available to anyone who wants to purchase one of these replicas. The model I have, is
a beautiful replica although it is not a faithful copy of what the real ark looks like. But having
this model not as frail as my prior one, was much easier to handle and show the audience when
I did my archaeological presentations on the ark's discovery. It was much easier to display! See
below, the beautiful and (not fragile) Raiders of the Lost theme Ark of the Covenant replica...
Now, here comes the real fun part. I spent many hours on the Internet trying to order a custom
wooden box that would transport and protect my new ark replica as I would bring it with me to
my archaeological presentations. So I decided to have my brother in law Nat (who is gifted with
wood-working), design me a custom-made box that would look similar to the one I used to have.
I measured the ark replica and figured out the dimensions needed to have a wooden crate or box
made. At first,  it look like a crate,  and  then I repainted it approx. (6) different times until I felt
the colors were right... but then, it did not look like a crate then. Lol, below is a photo of the box
when I first got it from Nat...
A few weeks...  I was able to finally finishing painting the wooden box with the right colors and I
custom design the interior of the box as well...
Description of the contents inside the box: a bronze towel handle; padded black foam on the back
and the floor of the box; gold color paper on the back of box; shinny and metallic like aluminum
paper in the middle of the back of the box; cut outs of the 10 Commandments taped to the back
of the box; wooden and gold painted box underneath the ark to store my presentation postcards;
(2) wooden and painted boxes on the sides of the box containing business/ministry cards;  a flash
card (gold painted) that contains all my PowerPoint presentations on everything I speak/share of;
padded foam on the door of the box that  secures  the ark replica in place for transport purposes
and  on  top  of  it, I  have (3) 4" by 6" postcards of the Cross Site Scene of Jesus showing how it
relates to the ark of the covenant during His death and resurrection and last... (2) portable L.E.D.
lights on top of the wooden box!!!
Finally, the final product! See photo below...
I'm not sure yet, but it is possible that I might purchase another Ark of the Covenant replica and
will also make a similar wooden box with the purpose of making it available to anyone who would
want and desire this beautiful and awesome collector's item. Sorry, but not sure how much $$$!!!
Project #1 Status: COMPLETED!