After celebrating "Easter" at my home church, Glory Zone Fellowship,
I am standing next to Elder Jack Hashim. Brother Jack Hashim wrote
the  foreword  in  the  poetry  book  that  I  published  last  year  called:
This man has an  incredible deposit of God on his life, and he loves to
share with anyone he comes in contact with. Brother Jack Hashim has
always strongly supported the ministry that the Lord gave me and he has
always been there, everytime I have ever needed him. I am so humbled,
honored and most privileged to know him personally. If you ever get the
chance to sit under his ministry, get ready to change, his revelations will
challenge your theology and you spiritual knowledge,  but  most  of  all,
be ready to be encouraged, this teacher of God's Word speaks without
compromise!  The restoration and reconciliation of the body of Christ,
is this man's vision, multitudes have been touched and he's not finished!