As I sadly watched the Twin Towers collapse,
minutes seem like eternity as time elapsed.
I watched in disbelief over and over again,
my composure I tried so hard to maintain.

My sorrow had turned to September's tears,
this nation’s hope had all turned to fears.
The impact of the lives that had been lost,
for death in Allah's name, at a horrible cost.

I will always remember those September's tears,
for a portion of sadness for the rest of my years.
The legacy of this great nation will always continue,
but this kind of religious horror must discontinue.

So much fear has been generated after so many years,
this event will always be known as September's tears.
For this country will never forget this dreaded day,
those people who are responsible will one day pay.

To all our heroes, who were born that peculiar day,
I salute you with all admiration in a very special way.
The people of this great country, in a state of dismay,
this sad event has provoked this great nation to pray.
Written by Dr. Michael Arkman Bonilla
God Bless The USA